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  Sample Loom & Sample Warping

We have developed Sample Warping for 3 metres & Sample Loom for 20 inches alongwith Electronic Let-Off & Take-Off Motion. Dobby & Weft selectors controlled by pneumatic cylinders, Beat-Up motion controlled by Servo Motor. All functions of this machine are controlled by PLC based software.

Single End Sample Warping machine

Detailed Product Description

Model : VT 3
Length : 3 meters to 15 meters
Width : 50 cms
Type of yarn : All types of yarn
Yarn denier : 5 to 2000 ( Tape type of yarn)

Color selection :
8 nos. by electro magnetic rotary solenoid valve or pneumatic rotary cylinder
Leasing section controlled by liner solenoid valve or pnuematic single acting cylinder
Density of yarn controlled by servo drive through PLC controlled software, from 4 ends / cm to 200 ends/ cm
Color selection and leasing controlled through Windows based textile design software

Beaming Device Intergtaed Suitable for sample weaving machine's beam

Creel : 8 bobbins creel with tensioner and dropper device
Equipped with double end, Miss end & yarn break detector system
Speed 250 meters/min

Sample Loom

Model VLT 20
Weaving Width 10-20 inches
Spread 45 to 55 ppm maximum (with reference to fabric width if 20 inches)
Weft selector 6 colours electronics weft selection device
Maximum uoti 8 colors (Optional)
Fabric Take-up Electronically controlled . Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp let-off Positive electronically controlled. Constant warp tension could be maintained during weaving
Shedding Computerised controlled. Maximum heald 20 frames driven pnematically by air cylinders ( 1st & 2nd heald frames are for leno & selvedges) or Electro Magnetic Cylinder
Draw in Heald frames can be seperated from the loom for healds and reeds draw-in
Warping Seperate warp beam or manual warping could be used
Weft insertion Single rapier weft insertion. Speed could be controlled independantly through the computer
Beat up Computerised servo motor controlled. Beat up could be done in different positions
Weft Breaks Mechanical weft-break detention device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Warp Breaks Photo electric warp-break detention device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Designing Built in sedit 2 design and editing software. It could also be installed seperately on other PC for design works
Air consumption 580 L/ min Air pressure 6-9 kgf/ sq-km
Power 220 V Single phase, 5- 60 Hz
Controller PC Based controller / Windows XP operating system